I Believe – Having Hitting Options Makes You a Better Player Or Coach


Whether you are a Player or a Coach.. Having different hitting options and models to choose from gives a bigger bag of bullets.  Too often players are told to “WIDEN  their stance” – “Get your foot down” – and so on.  I believe there are 10 Hitting Models of Timing to choose from.  If you KNOW these models and HOW these models work –  you give yourself more options to work with.  And – you may discover the BEST option that fits YOUR athletic DNA .. not your coaches DNA .. hmmm?

Soon – to be released,  is what I believe to be some of the biggest information to the baseball hitting community.  It’s the 4 ABSOLUTES TO TIMING.  In this upcoming video series I explain the 4 Absolutes To Timing and how these RULES apply to the 10 Hitting Models For Timing.  The information in the upcoming video series is an essential tool for every hitting coach and baseball player !