How to Have Better Batting Practice..?

If you want to have better batting practice then.., you need to prioritize what you’re thinking about while you’re taking batting practice. One of the worst things you can do in the batting cage is to have ‘mindless’ batting practice.

Can you imagine a musician having mindless practice with his/her piano?
Do you think a boxer who is preparing for a fight “mindlessly’ spares with another boxer? Probably not..!

And neither should a player take mindless batting practice.
So, what would be the most important element a hitter should work on during batting practice?
Well, if you ask most hitting coaches, they would tell you to work on your swing mechanics.
But, if you asked a pitching coach, he might tell you something different, ‘go to batting practice and work on your hitting timing’.
Or, the pitching coach might tell you to.., practice hitting high pitches and then practice hitting very low pitches.
Do you think that the pitching coach maybe a little smarter when it comes to trying to hit a pitched baseball in a real game?
Perhaps he might!

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