How to Have REAL Hitting Timing..,Sitka Alaska Event!

Number One.., Sitka Alaska is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L !
My assignment was to work on hitting timing, hitting spatial alertness, and hitting swing mechanics.
We didn’t do monotonous drills. No batting tees. No short screen tosses.
The players learn these concepts with me pitching about 50 feet away.
I use a REAL PITCHING DELIVERY (not a fake one because you can’t get an accurate measurement of hitting improvement without the game-like visual pattern).
We were there for two days. In those two days, I threw almost 12 hours of batting practice.
A real pitching delivery is an essential ingredient when you’re trying to teach hitters about “hitting-timing”…because,
what hitters are actually timing while they are hitting.., are their eyes.

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