How to Hit Better Using, Biomechanics vs Neuroscience?

Inside this video, I show the audience clips from my trip to New Jersey and my time with Sam Bromage.
During the two days we shared with Sam, I taught him hitting rationales that diffuse the pitcher’s 2 weapons.
1. Hitters need to master the ‘hitting timing of their vision.’
2. Hitters need to master their sensitivity to SPACE.
(space= the area where the ball starts and the area where to ball will end.)

Most of the time our baseball and softball hitting cultures focus a lot on the biomechanics of the swing.
Of course, biomechanics has its place..but, preceding biomechanics is the neuroscience of hitting.
Learning how the brain controls the eyes based on certain visual patterns the pitcher makes
is paramount in preparing the eyes to get into position to collect pertinent information the brain needs regarding the ball.


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