How to Hit the Tough Pitches. True Hitting Success.

Too many young good players fade away..because, they are wrapped up in their swing mechanics and never really paid attention to what was responsible for true hitting success. When you get into the hitting laboratory and examine what is the underlining factor giving players great hitting outcomes, one needs to study how the brain is calibrating the speed of the pitch and the space the pitch is moving into.

The hitter’s limbs don’t know where to swing the bat until they get the message from the brain. And the brain is getting the message from the eyes..also, the brain is directing the eyes WHEN and WHERE to get into position.
Your son/daughter may have perfect swing mechanics and still miss the pitch!

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(*Please note- information about the pitcher’s common denominator is shared at both my Traveling Hitting Events
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What You Will LEARN… in the NEW 5.0 Video Course:

5.1 Best Hitting Drill Ever Intro / Review – Important New Explanations.

5.2 The Ball Asks Me A Question  (Mastering Spatial Awareness)

5.3 The Blurry Glasses Test  (Improve Sensitivity to your Perceptions)

5.4  Challenged With Spatial Awareness – DRILLS

5.5 See The Ball Earlier In The Flight Path – Patterns

5.6 Timing the Pitcher From the Stretch Position

5.7 Fixing Your Over Thinking, How to Cool Down The Frontal Lobe

5.8 Mechanics For Your Eyes, Vision Mechanics, What Elite Hitters Really Do

5.9 Drills For Spatial Awareness and Developing Proper Swing Paths On Difficult Pitches

5.10 Bunting, Updated Version for Vision Patterns And Learning About Advanced Approaches

5.11 Speed-Reading the Ball, Get the Information about the Pitch, Faster to the Brain

5.12 New Pattern, Direct Hit, Minimize Over-Swinging!


The BEST order to begin watching the courses videos:
3rd Edition Course…Videos… #7, #1, #10
4th Edition Course… Videos… #1, #6, #7
5.0 Edition Course… ALL!