It’s Your Choice / Train More / Hitter’s Timing or Swing Mechanics

Now .. With NEW information available, coaches / players / parents;  Who are fervent about LEARNING deeper details to art of hitting,  can discover the finer details of the hitter’s TIMING at home plate.  When I was learning about “how to explain” TIMING at home plate, the process for me began with understanding;

(1st) The Best Hitting Drill EVER!  
(2nd) The Ten Hitting Models for Timing
(3rd) The Tempo of the hitter’s Model ( Fast vs. Slow) 
(4th) The Pitcher’s Common Denominator ( not his / her Release Point)
(5th) The Pitcher’s Tempo

All of this makes up the composition and videos inside the (video series)  WORLD’S GREATEST HITTING FORMULA.
If you’re a coach, player, parent, who is extremely dedicated to improving / learning/ or just getting the most out of the sport,
It’s all here. 

It’s your choice.  All of the information presented in all of the video series is designed to be player friendly and ready to use and THINK about during the game. YES — I did say .. THINK about during the game.  Why? 

Because, every concept brings our thoughts back to the baseball /  softball.  Where the ball is NOW, and , when and where is the ball moving too.