Hitter’s Rhythm and Athletic Disposition

Coaches we need to get our hitters FIRST,  in SYNC with themselves, next in SYNC with the pitcher’s Common Denominator –  not the pitcher’s release point.  Watch this video, what our hitters need to do FIRST is ORGANIZE how they GATHER themselves together and collect their adrenaline and force.  Next, mesh this together with the pitcher’s COMMON DENOMINATOR.  When this moment occurs correctly.. Our hitters will reach MAXIMUM ALERTNESS, and then the pitcher throws the pitch.. This, in a brief look is a reflection of what is really occurring at home plate for our hitters.  Too many of us spend too much TIME with drilling mechanics and NOT enough TIME with searching out the answers for TIMING!

Don’t put it off anymore ! Get your player on board with HIS / HER Timing at home plate.
It begins with the Best Hitting Drill Ever !
Next with understanding the 10 Hitting Models For Timing
Then, Ultimately understanding / teaching our players how to TIME the pitcher’s Common Denominator which is explained in the video series … World’s Greatest Hitting Formula

If you are a PRO player and /or a youth minor league player ( 9 yrs. old) .. Having the KNOWLEDGE of organizing your TIMING will elevate your GAME!  Modestly saying — This is the most in depth research available, in regard to hitting and timing you’ll ever find.  Organizing your TIMING at the plate fixes hitting issues faster then any other approach.