Lesson #2 Jupiter FL: *Study Pitcher’s Tempo

Here’s something you may have heard before.. Time the pitcher’s delivery.  OK.  So- What does that mean?  Well for good hitters, they just GET IT, they FEEL IT..They play by feel and that is IT.   A lot of players, play this way and can get a good run on things, until —
IT doesn’t FEEL right anymore.  Hmmm?

As a coach, we try different things, different drills, different GADGETS !  ..  And , SOMETIMES – the player bumps into it again and finds it.
What do they find?

They find their TIMING?   You see, It’s one thing to feel your TIMING and it’s another to have KNOWLEDGE, as to,  how to find it.  Even MORE as a COACH, how to teach TIMING.

The best place to understand a hitter is to BECOME that hitter.  I did, and I can teach you how to become THAT hitter inside the video series:
10 Hitting Models For Timing