Lesson #1 Jupiter Florida: *Adjusting Adrenaline Button*

My assignment was to attend the WWBA Jupiter Florida Event and report on several of the top prospects.  One player I was assigned to watch, popped up 3x during his first game.  We discussed his at bats together, and watch the videos of his first game together.  Conclusion – He ADJUSTED – the ADRENALINE BUTTON. 

Whether if its baseball OR softball, the ADRENALINE BUTTON, is crucially important !  WHY ??
Because, when you get your adrenaline button – in sync – with your body AND fit it in with the pitcher’s delivery… Usually, everything will take care of itself, especially MECHANICS.  Ask any player, ..”do you think about your MECHANICS when the ball is being DELIVERED?” … Hmm?

Please, I certainly do believe our swing MECHANICS are valuable.  But from a former hitter, and now coach, .. I want the hitters to prepare, condition, develop the their skills for the big event we call “HITTING”!  And yes we can, THINK and CONTROL the Adrenaline Button without losing sight and perspective of the ball.

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