A Modern Hitting Approach: Get out of the 80’s and 90s

I was asked to help a very talented scout team.  Once we got into a couple of games, there were a lot of players STRIKING OUT, FANNING, WHIFF..  So, the head coach comes over to me and asks …” what do you think it is? Shoulders flying open ? Collapsing the front knee? Hands casting out?  After a long pause, I asked to COACH to put himself back into the hitter’s spikes, LOOK at hitting from his perspective.

I went on to say.. “if you ASK the players who are STRIKING OUT what it FEELS like, I know what they’ll tell you.. They’ll tell you it feels like they SEE THE BALL for only a SPLIT SECOND, the BALL looks like a PEA to them, and then, they react desperately! ”  I feel, a MODERN HITTING APPROACH is one where, the COACH, becomes the player, and tries to FEEL, what the HITTER is feeling.  It’s from this perspective that we can NOW begin to comprehend that the very CORE to GOOD HITTING is thinking about TIMING.  Because, I been inside many of those bad strikeouts, by experience, and as most of you already know… Your TIMING was OFF, you didn’t SEE the ball early, and it felt like your had to swing out of DESPERATION !

It’s time for you to LEARN these Rules and Principles of TIMING.. the video series WORLD’S GREATEST HITTING FORMULA, will get you on the path to understanding and teaching this to your players.. Stop Living in the ’80’s and ’90’s with your hitting instruction..

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