Learn from the South Koreans ..

South Korean – Little League Baseball ..
 Let’s all observe and learn.  They are disciplined hitters.

In the video clip, I showcase some of the hitters ..Who..For most of us would say, their swings are inside / out.. And –  as it turns out.. this type of ‘swing path’ , allowed the hitter to keep the bat –longer in the strike zone …

Sometimes, a hitter is fooled by the pitch..OR.. they DON’T see the ball EARLY in the flight path.. OR.. simply put.. Their TIMING is off..
When this happens, the hitter who is conditioned to keep the bat in the strike zone longer, can SAVE the swing!  So – what is the MOST EFFECTIVE method to teach , keep the bat in the zone longer ?  The BEST HITTING DRILL – EVER! 
Best Hitting Drill – EVER! ( 6 videos series set) teaches the coach
and player the benefits Right Brain Hemisphere Training,  into ONE
dynamic drill.  The video series will help the hitters make:

  • Keep The Barrel In The Strike Zone – Longer