Lesson #4 of 4 Jupiter FL: Advice from MLB All-Star

Dante Bichette, was a MLB All-Star and played 14 Big League Seasons.  He was also the Major League Hitting Coach for the Colorado Rockies.  When someone of his experience is talking.. It’s probably best to keep your mouth and opinions closed -and- LISTEN !  In the VIDEO CLIP, he shares with the audience  profound hitting advice.  Both of his sons are AWESOME ballplayers.  I’m sure they live with the advice he shared with me this October afternoon.

During my time with him – ONE – of the big questions I enjoyed asking him was this …
(side note – before I asked the question, I already KNEW what he would say).

QUESTION:  IF, you could go back and RE-LIVE  the last few seasons of your BIG LEAGUE CAREER, what things would you have done differently at the plate to keep yourself playing 2-3 more years?

ANSWER:  Looking back on it, I would have changed my TIMING.

Believe me, after listening him speak for almost a half-hour, I knew Dante Bichette was a very intelligent, cerebral, well spoken person.  Before I ask the question, I KNEW this was going to be his response.  He just confirmed back to me, how important TIMING is to the MLB hitter and for any hitter for that matter.

I hope this training season, you take in what this MLB ALL-STAR shares with us and have a blessed, bold, and BIG training season!

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