Music Method: Fixing the Hitters Timing, Cooling the Frontal Lobe

Language Of Hitting  .. Is On TOUR !

I am taking the most comprehensive hitting system on the road.  I am touring across the USA teaching a more advanced approach to hitting which centers around understanding the deep layers to TIMING.  This includes learning “the cornerstone” to all good timing revolves around the pitcher’s common denominator (not his release point).  I explain to the hitter’s (signing up) what this common denominator is, and how to TIME your vision, and how to TIME your adrenaline, and how to TIME your hitting model to the pitcher’s common denominator.

These principles are directly taken from my big video series on timing called the .. World’s Greatest Hitting Formula.
Also,  I will be teaching the players how to utilize correctly the Best Hitting Drill – EVER!
And how to create lift and launch without having think or try to  “drive the ball”  over the outfielder’s head.