Hitting Drills | Process Hitting With Right Brain

Just the other day, a father was describing to me a hitting rut his son was experiencing.   What he said was, “it seems like my son is not focusing on the ball” .. For a father whose viewpoint is NOT from a baseball perspective, but from an everyday person.. I think he had an insightful and  sharp viewpoint.  So now as a ”coach” how do we help this player to become MORE focused on the baseball, if this is the issue?

Being blessed with years of experience with hitters who display this issue of not staying focused on the ball, I knew exactly how to handle this… Ultimately, we want our hitters to process hitting with their RIGHT BRAIN HEMISPHERE, because, this is the side of the brain with handles SPATIAL AWARENESS, where the ball is now, and where will it end up.  Before, I did the right brain hemisphere drill, this hitter needed to change his VIEWPOINT of hitting and understand how to TIME his body to the pitcher’s COMMON DENOMINATOR.  Once we accomplished this,  in only 3-4 minute explanation, this hitter begin to ORGANIZE himself with the pitcher’s common denominator, and he began to pick up the ball EARLIER in the flight path.  Once, he began to pick the ball EARLIER, I then introduced the right brain hemisphere drill.. and away he went, spraying hard line drives with lift and carry…

So – how much is it WORTH to you, to see your son or daughter hit better?
Will getting the most expensive bat help?
Will going to conventional camps and lessons where they learn mechanics and left brain processing, will this help?
Will those colored ball drills help you to stay focused ?  hmm?
Will getting your own pitching machine help your player  hit better?

With all of these things, my experience says.. you MAY bump into it.  But why guess, and slave over testing every hitting model there is?  I’ve done the homework for you.. The big answers and explanations to TIMING can be found inside the WORLD’S GREATEST HITTING FORMULA
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