Hitting Seminar: For Coaches / Players / Parents

Hitting Seminar:  For Coaches / Players & Parents 

Description:  This Hitting Clinic will feature principles from the most MODERN Hitting Approach called World’s Greatest Hitting Formula, 10 Hitting Models For Timing & The Best Hitting Drill Ever.  Coaches, Parents, Players and Baseball Directors are all invited to attend.  Learn how to effectively teach the GOLD Nuggets of TIMING your vision, TIMING your adrenaline, TIMING your hitting model all to the pitcher’s COMMON DENOMINATOR.  Stop the guessing.  Stop falling prey to the vapors of sports psychology and learn the effective tools that will help you repeat the ability to ‘square up’ the ball in the GAME and gain more consistency in an unpredictable environment.

DATE:  Saturday February 6 and Sunday February 7

TIME:  Saturday 9am – 12noon (break for lunch) return … 130pm – 430pm ( If necessary, we will stay longer)
                   Sunday   10am – 1pm  (If necessary, we will stay longer) 

LOCATION:  Baseball 19 Indoor Training Center / 348 Pittsburgh Mills Circle Tarentum Pa 15084

PRICE:  Includes 9 hours of teaching, Clinic Jersey, Video Analysis of Players and lecturing on Best Hitting Drill, 10 Hitting Models for Timing and a thorough explanation of the World’s Greatest Hitting Formula.  Every person attending will have a LIFE-TIME access to ALL of the instructional videos online now and future videos that will be added. 
For an additional $50, bring your player you are training and we will use your hitter in our LIVE hitting lab work.  This is for baseball AND softball players.  The fee reflected is for any individual OR group of coaches up to 3.  Only $975…..

For participants who have previously purchased the World’s Greatest Hitting Formula .. the Clinic is FREE !
Just tell me you are planning on coming, and we’ll save you a seat.  If – you have previously purchased one of the other Video Series, we can pro-rate your fee and subtract the difference.  This arrangement needs to be generated over the phone.  Just call in, and we can handle the adjustment when ordering by phone.  412-287-6689

**Clinic Registration Closed