Sometimes – To Help A Hitter, We Need to become that Hitter

I am still extremely flattered when a team asks me to travel a considerable distance to train and develop their hitters … AND – whenever a player travels a great distance to come and work with me. This video clip displays the actions of one particular hitter who traveled a long way to try to find greater consistency and power with his swing. We both agreed to define our improvement, based on our time together, and make it our goal to hit more line drives to Left Center field, Right Center field, and Center field. As I reviewed previous game clips and started batting practice, I used our advanced techniques with TIMING the pitchers common denominator. I was very surprised that this player did NOT begin to hit better immediately. That’s usually what happens, in only of a matter of 10-20 pitches and with a few minutes I was quite surprised it didn’t happen.

Being a thinker and working to solve this hitting puzzle, I took into consideration the hitter’s hitting model, hitting tempo, dominant eye… I could see this particular player, both in game action and in batting practice, really had a difficult time of “picking the ball up early in the flight path.” I tried many of the elements I’ve used in the past to help hitter’s improve their ability to see it early, I was just not working.

While the player and his father went to lunch, I got into the batting cage myself and turned on the Iron Mike, and got myself into his batting stance and tried to copy his hitting model. And guess what – the Lord blessed – and showed me how to correct the awkwardness of his swing. Having learned the basic knowledge of the 10 Hitting Models for Timing combined with understanding how to factor in the hitter’s natural tempo, the answer arrived.

Whether it’s the off season or in season, to get a better understanding of what your player is trying to do at home plate. INVEST in learning more about his/her hitting model and how to TIME with precision their tempo, their TIMING of their vision, and their timing of adrenaline.

It took me almost 2 decades to figure this out … Take advantage and learn it for yourself / TEAM today!

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