Yes – There is Timing with your Vision: Don’t BE Late!

After years of examining and studying hitters, I was BLESSED to learn how powerful and important it is for hitters, baseball and softball, to TIME their vision.  The old cliche of seeing the ball out of the pitcher’s window OR out of the hand, does not cut through the clutter for most hitters.

Principles and techniques work better whenever they are DEFINED ( learn what the pitcher’s REAL common denominator is). When a player understands the “defined” principle, its easier to go back and repeat and repeat AND repeat.  Confidence is gained , apprehensiveness is removed!   Mentally our players are equipped as to:  HOW to make –  at bat – per pitch adjustments ..

The mental side of the game, and with all of the Mental Coaching Cookies, I’m sorry, it just frustrates me because I stand in front of hitters everyday (thankfully), and most of the hitters who try to apply the mental techniques -” win this pitch, don’t let the pitcher beat you, think fastball adjust curve ball etc.”  .. Usually, don’t have great results, and, we only hear about how effective the mental training can be for our players..  Mental Approaches to me are like being suckered into reading your VAGUE horoscope, their outlooks are vague and NOT telling you anything specific.

We all know, if we want to fix something, formula, contract, pattern,.. we examine the specifics.  Once, we simplify what we specifically need to dwell on .. We can repeat success and confidence is cultured !

The Deep Details of Timing the Vision are in the World’s Greatest Hitting Formula