Free Hitting Tip – Learn Bat Control and Gain More Bat Speed

There has been a growing fascination among our hitting community to instruct our hitters to get more – bat speed.
The “thinking” from coaches and players is logical.  If our players have more bat speed than they’ll have more time to catch up the fastball.  I will agree to this.  But – here is the twist that I’ve learned.  As a coach, I want to make efficient use of the training time and help our hitter to use drills that will accomplish quickly.  I don’t want to use redundant drills that will take longer for players to acquire more bat speed.  There is a technique inside the video series the Best Hitting Drill Ever ( advanced section)  that teaches players to gain MORE Bat Control.  As as a result from this drill, players ultimately gain more Bat Speed, almost instantly!

If you’re like me, I’m probing any resource regarding this subject that will help me to be a better coach and ultimately help my players perform better on the field.  One resource I use are player interviews.  Time and time again, when a player is facing a pitcher who throws 97-100 mph, and when they are asked in the post game interview about their approach at the plate, regarding their success, we hear comments like : “I didn’t want to do to much up there..”  or , “I just flicked the barrel ..” or “I let my hands to the work” ..  So you see – no one ..  that I’ve ever heard once said, I tried to be quicker and catch up to his fastball.  It’s always, stay calm and relax –  this is the approach that usually wins.  And to add something, these players who say these comments, they already have .. years of accumulating .. bat control experiences.

Here’s a FREE Tip ,, the next time you go to the batting cages, crank up the pitch speed, and do the OPPOSITE that everyone else does.. don’t swing faster — SWING SLOWER — and you’ll see how easier it is to hit !

To learn more about teaching and gaining more bat control  check out :  Best Hitting Drill Ever!