How To Time Anticipation – Pitcher’s Common Denominator

What if – I said, .. Good Hitters SEE the ball, before they SEE the ball.  In other words, Good Hitters are playing the game, one second ahead of the real time.  Basically, you can sum up my thought into saying,.. Good Hitters ANTICIPATE what’s going to happen before it happens..

Having been blessed to have coached over 24 years, I have become sensitive when I hear former players, reporters, and coaches share wisdom / instruction about the game — but — only give us broad, general, vague statements.  Such was the case of a Sports Illustrated article years ago featuring Albert Pujols.  The writer’s topic was the science behind hitting.  Once I got through the article, and only at the end of the article, did the writer tell us why Albert Pujols was such a special hitter.  Pujols was better than most other hitters, not because he had better vision, not because he was quicker, not because he was stronger.. the writer ended by stating that Albert Pujols was better than most hitters because .. he anticipated better – than other hitters.

As a coach, and researcher, I want to dig into knowing — anticipate the “what”. What does Albert anticipate better and how does he achieve this with succession?  My answer falls onto the cornerstone to TIMING .. merge with the pitcher’s common denominator.

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