Learn Bat Control and Gain More Bat Speed (part 2)

A father who recently purchased the Best Hitting Drill – EVER , email me and told me how skeptical he initially he was about getting it for his two sons.  After the started using the ‘DRILL”  he noticed his son’s had more control of the bat, and how they began to hit more line drives …He went on to explain to me how he was caught up into training his boys to have more “bat speed” and how much trouble the theories gave his sons when they tried to make application back to the game swings..

If you observe carefully – not all, but a lot of players who try to improve their hitting with these approaches (bat speed drills) usually find themselves having a swing where the BAT controls them, and not the hitter CONTROLLING the bat !
Here’s a FREE Tip ,, the next time you go to the batting cages, crank up the pitch speed, and do the OPPOSITE that everyone else does.. don’t swing faster — SWING SLOWER — and you’ll see how easier it is to hit !

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